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New Conditions added to the Agent Orange Presumptive List

March 24, 2021 Author: Heidi Hrabcak

Herbicides were used during the Vietnam War to destroy enemy crops.  Many different “colored” agents were used, but the most commonly known is “Agent Orange.”  The United States interrupted the food supply and destroyed foliage in the jungle to increase visibility for soldiers.  However, due to highly toxic dioxin contaminant, many veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange have developed serious health conditions, often years after exposure.  The (...)

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Veteran Burn Pit Exposure

September 01, 2020 Author: Lawyers for American Vets

Background: Burn pits were used as a way to dispose of and destroy waste at military sites in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Examples of things burned were chemicals, paint, medical waste, human waste, metal/aluminum cans, munitions, other unexploded ordnance, petroleum and lubricant products, plastics, rubber, wood, and discarded food.  The VA maintains that high levels of dust and pollutants in the air already were just as dangerous or more.  However, these burn pits potentially (...)

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Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

July 27, 2020 Author: Lawyers for American Vets

BACKGROUND: Between 1953 and 1987, over one million military personnel and their family members were stationed at the United States Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, in North Carolina.  During this time frame, people living on the base, military service members, and civilians were drinking, cooking with, and bathing in contaminated water.  The base water treatment facilities and a dry-cleaning company in the local area were responsible for the chemicals contaminating the water.  (...)

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C-123 Aircrafts and Potential Agent Orange Exposure

June 19, 2020 Author: Lawyers for American Vets

Throughout the Vietnam War, C-123 aircrafts were used to spray the toxic herbicide Agent Orange.  The aircrafts were found to still have traces of the chemical in them afterward while they were being used, up until 1986.  If you flew on, or worked with, any C-123 aircrafts in Vietnam or other locations, you may have had contact with Agent Orange and could have a claim for a service-connected disability. Why Did This Happen? The VA was made aware of multiple complaints and concerns (...)

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